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Welcome to the Westside Elementary Library 

Welcome to the WES library website!  We always have a lot of new and exciting things going on here in the library!  We will be exploring new books, learning more about classics, and integrating technology through the form of iPads and ebooks!

Book Character Dress Up Day!

I am excited to announce to celebrate International Literacy Day, we will be having a Book Character Dress Up Day on September 7th! On that day students are invited to dress up as a book character.  (You do not have to participate.)  However, all participating will receive a prize with top prizes being awarded from the River Valley Reading Council.  

You do not have to buy a costume! Just be creative and gather an assortment of hats, clothing or other props to create your creative!  (If you are still stuck, search Google or Pinterest...there are lots of ideas!) Please no scary costumes and follow the school dress code!


I cannot wait to see our students dressed up! Thank you for your help to make literacy fun for our students!


Book Fair!

When: Sept 17-20

(Before school, after school, during lunch recess)

Also during Parent Teacher Conference Night!

Where: WES Elementary Library

We can’t wait to see you!





Events from Last Year!

Author Visit!


On May 1st Autor Chris Rumble will be joining us! For students K-3 he will present a Reading Pep Rally. ​In the READING PEP RALLY, Chris uses upbeat songs, the tunes of which your students will recognize, to get kids excited about reading. He takes classic songs and changes the words around to exalt the virtues of reading.  Students 4-6 will enjoy ​The GREAT FICTION WRITING WORKSHOP is a highly interactive session designed to instill a passion for writing in your students. During the session, Chris shares his journey as a writer which began with the encouragement from Mrs. Deever(his fifth grade teacher) and ultimately led to being a published author/illustrator 31 years later. 


Chris will also be hosted a family literacy night!


​The "FIRED UP ABOUT READING" FAMILY TIME AROUND THE (INDOOR) CAMPFIRE features hilarious storytelling and highlights the fun of being together in the setting of and ambient lighting of an INDOOR campfire. Our campfire time will include the fun, high-energy reading-incentive songs and other laughter-inducing campfire activities. I will tell some of my classic stories - and encourage some to tell theirs as well - winding up with one directed at the hearts of the parents regarding the value, beauty and power of reading to your children every night.

To read more about Chris visit his website at







We Set a World Record

On Thursday, October 27th, we joined students all across America to set a World Record!  On Read for the Record Day all K-3 students heard the book The Bear Ate Your Sandwich.  By reading this book on this day, along with students all across America, we  set a new World Record!  To learn more about Read for the Record you can visit the offical site here!

Image result for the bear ate your sandwich



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